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Montessori For Life


The Montessori approach has been implemented in schools around the world for more than a century, with Montessori educators using the catch cry that it is not just preparation for school, but preparation for life. In recent decades Montessori principles have been applied with elder care. We are taking that one step further by connecting the two in an ongoing and integrated model. 

Shared Land, Shared Lives


We believe that co-location is a vital ingredient in intergenerational integration. Shared land is about occupying the same physical premises - shared lives is about intertwining the routines, experiences and sense of community that develops upon this land.

Better Together


The Montessori method originated in 1907 as a way to support and empower children, who Dr Montessori saw as 'The Forgotten Citizen'. In 2018 we believe that our elders are also at risk of being treated as 'The Forgotten Citizen'. By linking these two groups we believe we can learn from and support one another to create a better society.

Barbara Langford
Founders' Notes 


We believe that every child who enters the world is already deserving of respect, support, meaning and connection - and that every elder, regardless of age or impediment, is still deserving of these same opportunities. 

We believe that we are better together and that by connecting these two groups we improve outcomes for all of our lifelong learners. 

Jessica Langford

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